This is the main character May for the educational coding game for kids, May's Journey. The game was created by Chaima Jemmali and the character design and concept were created by Ali Swei. 12K tris, unlit/self-illuminated handpainted diffuse textures. I modeled the character in Maya, sculpted the head in ZBrush, baked maps and did first pass head textures in Substance Painter, and textured most of the character in 3DCoat.May's Journey main characterMay's Journey main characterMay's Journey main character
Egyptian cafe diorama - stylized PBR. This is a personal project to set mood with lighting and color, and to learn Unreal. I used almost every 3D package I own somewhere in creating this because it's a revamp of an old project that I'd long wanted to improve. To keep scope small I created a corner rather than the entire cafe. I tried to use visual motifs and furniture designs traditional to Egypt from what I could find online. My technical aim was optimal performance via low poly count and all objects and lights static or stationary. My visual aim was simple shapes with exaggerated value contrast, high saturation, and realistic reflective qualities.

Egyptian cafe stylized PBR diorama Egyptian cafe stylized PBR dioramaEgyptian cafe stylized PBR diorama Egyptian cafe stylized PBR diorama

Sea Book. Personal project. Modeled in Maya and 3ds Max. Textured in Substance Painter and Photoshop. One 2048 x 2048 texture. 4328 tris. Diffuse only - all highlights and shadows handpainted.

Original concept by Ilona Minajeva.

Sea Book handpainted propSea Book handpainted prop
Sea Book handpainted prop
Sea Book handpainted prop
Sea Book handpainted prop

Shard of Abundance. Personal project. Modeled in Maya (and bit of 3ds Max). Textured in 3DCoat with a bit of Photoshop. Diffuse only - all highlights and shadows handpainted. 1024 x 2048 px texture (plus 32 x 4 px FX texture). 3236 tris including double-sided FX tris twice. The concept is by Julio Nicoletti and I got a lot of C&C from Handpainters Guild as I worked on this.Shard of Abundance low-poly handpainted daggerShard of Abundance low-poly handpainted dagger - UVs and texture

I modeled and textured this character for a CGsociety.org Advanced Video Game Character Creation class. Katon Callaway taught the class and designed the character. I used Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, and Marmoset Toolbag.


Freaky Creatures: Props for PC game by Abandon Interactive. Modeled in Maya and textured in Photoshop.

I created some flat-shaded (unlit) very stylized characters for Dad by the Sword by Rocketcat Games. It was a fun project - the concepts were pretty funny and intentionally ludicrous.
Realistic props

Rockband: I modeled and textured all the variations of the Fender Jaguar guitar for the first Rockband game. Some of the images are from the proprietary engine and some were recreated in other engines. I did various other tasks on Rockband such as converting the bonus guitars to bonus basses, and misc cleanup on various instruments and amps.


Sledgehammer: Personal challenge to make a complete 3D asset quickly, so I picked something really simple that I could do in a few hours spare time over 1-2 weeks. Realtime model is 944 tris. High poly sculpt in ZBrush. Textured in Substance Painter. One 2048K texture set - albedo, roughness, metallic, normal.


Killzone 2: I did just a bit of work on Killzone 2 on Playstation 2.


Flashlight: Personal project realistic prop.


Saturn V rocket: I created a dissectable model of the first rocket to the moon, the Saturn V, for Cyber Science 3D interactive educational software. I looked up technical schematics recreate the different stages of the rocket including interior pieces.

Dissectable human anatomy models

I created many human and animal anatomical models for Cyber Science 3D's Cyber-Anatomy product. Below are some muscle and bone models I created. Most of my work here was sculpting, texturing, and baking maps - the realtime meshes were provided to me.

Figure Study Sculpt

I created this figure study as a starting point for character models. Mostly ZBrush, starting from a Maya blockout.

Props and environments for VR and AR apps

Wayfair Patio Playground: For Patio Playground, e-commerce home goods company Wayfair's VR experience on Oculus Rift, my main tasks were creating models and textures. It was a small team so we all contributed - I also did a lot of work in Unity - in-engine art asset setup, scene setup, lighting, and performance optimization, as well as a bit of UI and UX.


I had the privilege of working on a 3D reconstruction of the ancient city of Morgantina that currently exists only in ruins. I accompanied archaeologists and a small software dev team onsite in Aidone, Sicily. The app is for mobile VR and AR, and it was built to detect the correct location of the virtual buildings onsite in Sicily using Google Tango. I worked from existing photos plus additional reference photos I took onsite, as well as terrain photogrammetry and site architects' CAD reconstructions of the floorplan of the Agora of Morgantina.

Realistic renders, lighting, and materials

At e-commerce home goods company Wayfair, one of my many responsibilities has been creating photorealistic renders of products to display onsite. I was given fully propped scenes and tasked with lighting and rendering in 3ds Max and V-Ray, and often I had to create or touched up materials and models as well.

In this image I did lighting and rendering and created the wood material for the desk, as well as minor other model and material touch-up.

In this image I did lighting and rendering and created the material and model for the shower curtain.

In this image I did lighting and rendering, draping of the tasseled blanket, and minor other model and material touch-up.

In this image I did lighting and rendering and created the materials for the leather recliner and wooden side table.

This was a fun image for a contest that Wayfair ran with Trip Advisor. The winner got to stay in the London Eye overnight and Wayfair furnished it. We had to create a rendering of what it would look like because we were not able to ship furniture to the London Eye and take photos before the contest began. I created models and materials for the visible framework of the London Eye itself, and I worked with a Stylist to furnish the Eye with existing models. I did minor touch-up such as draping some of the blankets. The Creative Director of the team did subtle contrast adjustments in post on this image. Here is Trip Advisor's announcement about the contest, including my team's image.