• Hard-surface & organic 3D assets from high-res sculpt to UVd engine-optimized models/materials with baked maps.
  • Texturing by handpainting, procedural generation, & photo compositing. Understanding of PBR material theory.
  • Figure drawing, anatomy, color theory, principles of design, composition, lighting.
  • Team leadership, project management, mentoring, technical writing, business/art/tech stakeholder communication.
  • IdeaSpace (Wayfair): 3D pipeline, asset cleanup, in-engine asset setup, stereoscopic 360 lights/renders, UX. Daydream.
  • Patio Playground (Wayfair): Materials, textures, models, lighting, performance optimization, UI, UX. Oculus Rift.
  • MorgantinaVR: (Archimedes Digital): Environment models & textures, in-engine asset setup, advising real-time best practices, balancing historical accuracy with consistent aesthetics. Google Cardboard, Daydream, Tango.
  • Cyber-Anatomy & Cyber Science 3D: Models, textures, in-engine art asset setup, performance optimization for educational software – human/animal anatomy, bioscience, vehicles, mechanics. PC, web, mobile, zSpace.
  • Games through Liquid Development
    • Rockband (client: Harmonix): Prop models, textures, in-engine setup – musical instruments. PS3, X360.
    • Warhawk (client: Incognito): Environment models, LODs, collision meshes. Playstation 3.
    • Freaky Creatures (client: Abandon Interactive): Environment & prop models & textures. PC, mobile.
Maya ZBrush Photoshop Substance Painter 3DCoat Excel & Gsheets
3ds Max Unity V-Ray Substance Designer Topogun SVN & Git
3D Art Manager, 3D Model Operations Wayfair, LLC Boston, MA Mar 2018 – present
  • Identify pipeline needs; propose/lead/execute cross-team processes, measure business impact & iterate
  • Lead a team of artists who ensure that external contract modelers hit target 3D model quality, by creating reusable model and material resources and defining and communicating technical standards
Senior Artist, 3D Visualization Wayfair, LLC Boston, MA Dec 2016 – Mar 2018
  • Lead a team of artists creating models, materials, lighting, and renders for photoreal images in 3ds Max and V-Ray
  • Work with Seniors to document/teach best practices, organize projects, grow the team (from 5-60 artists in 1 yr)
Technical Artist, Wayfair Next team Wayfair, LLC Boston, MA Feb 2016 – Dec 2016
  • Develop 3D workflows. Create models, materials, textures. Work with engineering, creative, & copy-writing teams
  • VR & AR apps on desktop & mobile – optimize performance, create & iterate on UX & UI
Adjunct Instructor Mount Ida College Newton, MA Sep 2015 – May 2017
  • Teach 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, & rendering to Game Art and Animation Bachelor’s students
Freelance 3D Artist various clients Remote Aug 2009 – present
  • Hard-surface & organic models, textures, & materials for unannounced title by indie studio Superscience LLC
  • 3D asset creation, optimization, and R&D for Archimedes Digital – augmented reality and virtual reality projects in the humanities and academia, on Google Cardboard/Daydream and Tango-enabled Android devices
  • Cartoon style character models & textures for Rocketcat Games title Dad by the Sword. Platform: PC
3D Artist, Technical Artist Cyber Science 3D Remote & Iowa City, IA Jun 2008 – Jun 2009, Apr 2011 – Jul 2014
  • Create dissectable human and animal anatomical models for real-time interaction on PC, mobile, web, and VR
  • Spaceships, microbiology, environments, & props for K-12 colleges, and med school educational software
  • Library of materials, shaders, and textures. Lighting, lightmapping, and particle effects
  • Create textures from Frank Netter MD’s medical illustrations for 3D version of Atlas of Human Anatomy
3D Modeler & Texurer Liquid Development Portland, OR Oct 2006 – Apr 2008
  • 3D models, textures, LODs, collision meshes for AAA clients for games on Playstation 3, PC, and Xbox 360
Media Arts & Animation, Bachelor of Science The Art Institute of Portland Portland, OR Jun 2007
Advanced Video Game Character Creation, non-degree CGsociety. org online course Apr 2014 – Jun 2014
Figure Construction and atelier classes, non-degree Academy of Realist Art Boston, MA Sep 2013 – May 2014